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The risks of a blocked drain or toilet: Blocked drains or toilets are an all too common issue for homeowners and businesses. If left unattended, a blockage can lead to leaks into the carpet, floorboards or surrounding support structures as well as a sewage backflow.

Even with great care and watching what goes down the drain, underground pipes can collapse or crack at any time. Following this, tree roots infiltrate these cracks and thrive in the constant water supply.

The Brown Brothers un-blocking Service:

No matter how simple or complex the blockage, we will provide you with a tailored and efficient service, clearing the blockage in no time.

Some of the techniques we use include: 

High-Pressure Water Jet Blaster – “Jetters” does a great job at cutting through tree and grease blockages. These high power machines can reach up to 60m through a pipe.

CCTV Drain Camera – When required, these cameras can help detect the cause and depth of the block so that we can provide the most efficient unblocking method.

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